How did the scheme start

Share The Warmth was originally started following discussions by 2 members of the Sunny Worthing Facebook Page, Colm Sweet and Simon Wells, as a way of helping out the local needy and homeless, and to create a community and business bond in the Town.

homeless man drinks coffee

What is the scheme about

The scheme is loosely based on the Suspended Coffee/Pay It Forward concepts.  The origin of suspended coffee originally came from Naples in Italy, over a century ago and was in popular post war times as a way or providing support to ex-servicemen and families.

As a result of global economical down turns over recent years and with the aid of social networking, this type of dontation as become very popular again.

The principle goal of being able to provide a source of free hot drinks to local needy and homeless people has just gotten much easier.

Who is eligible to receive?

Anyone that is in need should be able obtain some help.
Each shop will of course need to decide who they feel is in need and we do not believe that STW ourselves should be the ones that judge who is needy or not.
It will of course be the shops that know there local "needy" and we have provided a provision so local shelters can hand our laminated STW cards so homeless people can easily pop in, get a drink and carry on.

Define "In Need"

We do not mean just homeless in this scheme.
It may be a single mother who can’t afford a hot drink and needs a little help that month or it could be someone out of work and can't make ends meet.

It is the shop using their judgement to spread a little kindness by paying it forward.


Simply visit a participating shop and "Share the Warm" and donate for example £1.50.  The shop will then place marbles in a jar to indicate that help is available.

If you would like to donate to Share The Warmth directly, then please contact us for information.

The build up

Since the initial ideas of Share The Warmth were published on the Sunny Worthing page, we have received a huge amount of support for the scheme from shop owners, the public and local support organisations.
Within a matter of weeks the principles of the scheme, artwork, posters, flyers, cards and an official launch date, 25th January 2014 was set.

Just days before the launch, this website was put together as a central resource to support the scheme and to enable others to participate and to Share The Warmth.

The future

We would like to see the scheme succeed by helping those in need, but, we would also like to see if other local communities want to get involved in their areas too.
We are creating a media kit to provide the required cards, posters and flyers as well as information on how to get a scheme started.

Share The Warmth is more than just coffee for homeless people.
Porrdge, Soup or even hot food can be provided by shops if they so wish.

Get In Touch

We want to hear about your feedback, both positive and negative, so so please let us know.


Please note: We are a volunteer run scheme, operated on the kindness and generosity of local people and business. The operation of the website, printing and the marketing is all provided free by individuals and businesses.
Share the Warmth is not a company or registered charity.
Any donations provided are primarliy intended to be used to help local homeless and needy.