How do I donate?

Simply visit a participating shop and "Share the Warmth".
We recommend a donation of £1.50, which purchases a drink that is held by the shop.

Most shops would allow minimum donations or multiples of 50p.

If you can not make it to a participating shop, then we now accept donations via PayPal.
All proceeds go back into the scheme to provide food and drink and random acts of kindness to homeless and needy.


Where is my nearest shop

A full list of participating shops is available.

View Shops

What are the marbles for?

The marbles signify that a dontation has been made and it is recommended that each marble represents a 50 pence that has been made.

If there are marbles in the jar, then it signifies that free drinks are available to be claimed.
The shop removes the correct number of marbles after every drink has been provided.

Where do I get posters from

Posters can be printed from this website.
You will need to sign up and login to gain access.

Various sizes are available such as A4, A5 and A6.

Customisation is availabled on request.

Why do I need to register

As the scheme is new, we would like to ensure we keep track of which shops are participating and who is accessing the media kit.

Also, by collecting your email address, it makes it easier for us to contact those that are participating in the scheme, in the event of important news or changes.
Your privacy is important to us, we will never share your details outside of STW and never spam you, we just don't have time too either.


Who is eligible to free drinks

Share the Warmth do not want to dictate who is or is not eligible and each individual shop would need to make a judgement, however, anyone that is homeless or in financial need should be considered as the ethos of the scheme is to provide for someone who is in "need".

We have approached local shelters and homeless people who have been provided credit card sized STW Cards, which can be shown to participating shops to confirm eligibility.

It is also expected that each shop will have their known regulars.


Tell Me More About PayPal

Why use PayPal?

  • It's easy to send money and shop online
  • Donate without sharing your financial information
  • A growing number of online merchants now accept PayPal


Who is K2Joom?

You will see that "PayPal securely processes donations for K2Joom.com. Complete your payment in just a few clicks" is mentioned by PayPal and you wonder who or what K2Joom is.

K2Joom is the web development scheme run by co-founder Simon Wells.
As it is already setup and ready to accept payments and transsfer funds, it has been used until such time as the scheme grows large enough to warrant having its own bank account to set up with.

How Do I Know My Donation Has Been Recieved?

You will get confirmation from PayPal that the money has been transfered.
All donations through PayPal include a payment reference STW-DONTATE, so that all donations are easily and clearly distiguishable in the K2Joom account.  If you have any queries regarding your donation, then please contact us quoting your email address, payment transaction number and will can provide a screen shot to show it.