A call for help leads to a new tent donation

the donated tent

This is Michael, he is the homeless chap who was in need of a tent. Our scheme helped him get one.



Share the Warmth found out that he was in need of a tent and set out to try and raise some funds or get one donated.
Thanks to one extremely kind individual, who went out and purchase a brand new one and donated it to Munch cafe so they could hand it over to him.

Michael was choked, and said he'd been asking his current hostel, (no point in naming names), for an age and here we are days later with a tent for him.

Munch said, "I can count the times I have witnessed speechlessness on one hand, today was another. He left with a massive spring in his step and just couldn't stop smiling."

On his behalf, thank you for the kind and critically needed donation.